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December 14, 2006



I too have only just started really listening to Mr. Sufjan's music.  I heard about him last year when a friend raved about him and sent me Chicago, which is one of my least favorite songs of his.  I soon found out a lot of his songs had a lot of Christianity symbolism in them, and while that alone didn't turn me off to him, the sing-alongsy youth group praise feeling of his music combined with it to turn me off to him.

And then I heard the John Wayne Gacy, Jr. song a few months ago and I was sold.  My favorite song off the Illinois album is the zombie-related song, and the drum beat coupled with the background chorus of girls is so.. freakin'.. awesome.  (There's an awesome youtube clip of him doing this song live and the girls are doing a cheerleader spelling out of Illinois.  It's surprisingly pretty hot.)  He rose up my last.fm list to something like number 3 in the course of a month, and that hardly ever happens.

Daniel Broyles

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